Be the master of your boot! The one and only product to transport all your things securely! things securely! Makes Life Easier!

Position and Fasten Quickly !

Our trunk assistant helps to keep up the daily routine quickly.
You can fasten in seconds and continue the journey.

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Strong and Dependable !

Cargonizer cargo organizers ensure that during your journey you transport the items in your boot securely.

A peaceful drive in your car !

Cargonizer lets you have a journey that’s peaceful and enjoyable. Your belongings won’t turn over and won’t be thrown around.

Suitable for all your needs !

Our luggage arranger is suitable for everything that you want to carry. Every kind of item you can think of, you can fasten them down in your boot with Cargonizer.

Powerful asistant in your boot

Cargonizer fixes in place weights of up to 160 kg and Cargonizer Mini up to 50 kg. It is made from material that is reinforced, long-lasting and can be %100 recycled.

Your Space !

Cargonizer doesn't limit you like the others.

Moduler Design

Even small products (like small bottles) difficult to keep are not a problem anymore with Cargonizer utility products.

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Super Pack All You Need in One Pack

All Our Cargo Asistants Together With Super Pack Discount

1x Cargonizer + 2x Cargonizer Mini + 2x Elastic Strap + 2x Utility Belt

Large Pack Bigger Works Need Bigger Solutions

The most advantageous package that can provide solution for all kinds of carriage needs in business and daily life. Your trunk assistants are ready any moment.

2x Cargonizer + 4x Cargonizer Mini + 4x Elastic Strap + 4x Utility Belt

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No need to worry any more about belongings being thrown around Strong Secure

Cargonizer is ready to help any time you need it!